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Patient Education

It is important for patients to be able to find the answers to questions on topics of concern. Our physicians make every effort to help patients understand their health. 

Patient education materials are available through our office. For additional information online, vIsit areas of our web site including Research, which includes articles published by our physicians, and Resources.


You'll find that many of your questions are asked by patients just like you. We've included a list of those questions and some brief answers for you. We strive to give you the best information possible at all times. Please feel free to contact us to explain these situations or any other questions you may have.

FollowMyHealth Patient Portal

Manage your personal medical records, communicate with your physician, and make more informed decisions about your health. How? Sign up now for FollowMyHealth Patient Portal. Questions? Call us at 901.271.2196.

Our Research

At Stern Cardiovascular, we have the resources to help you make better decisions about your care.

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