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We appreciate that you have selected Stern Cardiovascular to serve your cardiovascular care needs. Our goal is to provide you with the state-of-the-art and highest quality patient care. On your first visit and periodic visits, we will ask you to fill out the personal and medical information about you and your family. This information along with your history, physical and laboratory results, will be kept in your medical file. this information can be sent to other medical facilities if and when you desire.

Affordable Care Act- Section 1557

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One of these women will die of breast cancer: Unfortunately, half will die from heart disease or stroke. Take care of your Heart! Schedule your vascular screening tests at our Germantown or Southaven location today!!! Call 901-271-4087.


In the event of a medical emergency, call 911, go to the emergency room of the nearest hospital, and ask them to contact your doctor.


Appointments should be made by calling 901.271.4041 from 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. We will try our best to honor your appointment time, but occasionally emergencies with other patients may cause a delay. If that happens and your schedule is tight, please ask one of our staff about rescheduling your visit. If you cannot keep your scheduled appointment, please give us at least 24-hours notice so we can reschedule you and give your original appointment to someone else.

If you experience a medical problem during office hours, call 901.271.1000 as early as possible after 8:30 a.m. so we can see you the same day. Either your doctor or someone in the office will contact you. we do not advise coming to the office without an appointment, since this will cause delays in your care as well as the care of others. Always call first before coming to the office without an appointment.

Laboratory Results

Some lab results may take up to a week or more to be completed, since some tests must be sent to other labs for analysis. Most results will be called to your within 7 days. We will be pleased to mail or fax a copy of your results to you or to your primary care physician.

If another physician has done blood work or other tests, please bring it with you or have it faxed to us at 901.747.0535. This is helpful in providing continuity of care, prevents the need for re-testing, and saves you time waiting for your records to get to our office.

Prescription Refills

For your convenience, Stern Cardiovascular has a prescription refill line. If you need a refill or were given sample medications, but were not given a prescription, please call 901.271.2285. In order to refill your medications, we need your full LEGAL name, your date of birth, your phone number, and the name, dosage, and frequency of your medication. We need three working days to be sure your medicine is called in correctly. Please don't wait until your medicine has run out as this will often result in a few missed dosages.

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