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InstructInstructions for preparation for diagnostic tests are available. Patients are encouraged to utilize Stern Cardiovascular for preventative health flu shots and immunizations, available without an appointment. The staff offers programs such as the Lipid, Coumadin, and Device Clinics to help our patients better understand and manage their cardiac health.

Additional information is available. Check out the "">Research and Resources pages on this Web site in addition to Patient Education where you will find typical questions we hear.

Coumadin Clinic

If you are on the blood thinner, Coumadin, you need to have your protime (INR) monitored on a regular basis in our Coumadin Clinic. No appointment is needed to have your blood checked. Your results will be immediately available so your Coumadin dose can be adjusted, if necessary. We have two locations for your convenience.

Lipid Clinic

If your cholesterol is high, so is your chance for a heart attack, a stroke, or a blockage in your leg arteries. As your cholesterol is lowered, so are your risks for these problems. The Lipid Clinic provides information about foods that are good or bad for your cholesterol levels. Emphasis on some degree of exercise is also encouraged. Small group and individual sessions are available. Most insurance plans cover this. Please call 901.271.1000 for an appointment with the Lipid Center.

Device Clinic

We provide on-site arrhythmia monitoring services by specially trained nurses. These nurses can check your pacemaker or defibrillator.

For information about these services, please call 901.271.4060.

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