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David Lan


Post Graduate Training
  • 7/2003-8/2004 Cardiac Electrophysiology Fellow University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB)
  • 8/2000-7/2003 Cardiology Fellow University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB)
  • 6/98-8/2000 Resident, Internal Medicine University of Tennessee, School of Medicine at Memphis
  • 8/97-5/98 Intern, Internal Medicine LSU Medical Center at Lafayette, Louisiana
  • 5/94-5/97 EP Research Associate Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology Cardiology Section Louisiana State University Medical Center New Orleans, Louisiana
  • 10/93 - 5/94 EP Research Fellowship Cardiac Electrophysiology Tulane University Medical Center New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.A.
  • 7/88 - 7/91 Cardiology Fellowship Cardiology Section Peking Union Medical College Hospital (Chinese Medical Science Academy) Beijing, P.R., China
  • 9/85 - 7/88 Resident and Chief Resident Internal Medicine Peking Union Medical College Hospital (Chinese Medical Science Academy) Beijing, P.R. China
Faculty Appointments
  • Current Position Attending Cardiologist and Electrophysiologist (9/2004 to Now) Memphis Heart Clinic Memphis, TN Staff of Baptist Memorial Hospital and Methodist Hospital
  • 8/91 - 9/93 Attending of Cardiology and Internal Medicine Peking Union Medical College Hospital Cardiology Section Beijing, China
Medical School
  • 9/80 - 7/85 M.D. Shanghai Medical University, Shanghai, China
  • Tennessee
  • Mississippi
Board Certifications and Examinations
  • USMLE Step 1- June, 1996
  • USMLE Step 2- March, 1996
  • USMLE Step 3- May, 1998
  • ECFMG ID: 0-552-436-8
  • ABIM October, 2000
  • Internal Medicine Board 2000
  • Cardiology Board 2003
  • Cardiac Electrophysiology Board 2005
  • 7/1988 Outstanding Resident of the Year Peking Union Medical College Hospital
  • 4/1993 The Young Investigator Award in Clinical Cardiology Chinese Cardiovascular Association
  • 7/1993 National Scientific Award in Medical Advancement Ministry of Health, P.R. China
  • 10/1993 Traveling/Visiting Fellowship 3 Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology Sponsored by Medtronic, Inc. U.S.A.
  • 6/2000 Outstanding Senior Resident Teacher Department of Medicine University of Tennessee
  • Lan ZQ, Yu K, Zhu WN. et al. Acute Hemodynamic Change of Oral Milrinone Lack Prediction of Long Term Clinical Outcome. J. Chin Cir 1992; 6(2): 140.
  • Lan ZQ, Medical Therapy in Chronic Heart Failure. Focus on New Inotropic Medicines (Review). Chin J. Med 1992; 48(7): 83.
  • Zhu WL, Lan ZQ, Yu K., et al. Noninvasive Assessment of Cardiac Function Using Echocardiography Correlate with Clinical Presentation. Chin J Ultrasound. 1992; 12(3): 241.
  • Lan ZQ, Deng H, Wu N. Preliminary Experiences in the Ablations of Left Sided Accessory Pathways Using Radiofrequency. J. Chin Cardiac Dis 1992; 20(4):215.
  • Lan ZQ, Deng H. Wu N. Mapping and Ablation of Accessory Pathways in Atrioventricular Septum. J. Chin Cardiac Dis 1993; 21(6):326.
  • Lan ZQ, Deng H, Wu N. Ablations of Accessory Pathway from the Atria Side and the Ventricular Side: The Comparison and Practical Implications. J. Chin Cir 1993;7(8): 486.
  • Lan ZQ, Deng H, Wu N. The Electrophysiology and Successful Ablation of three cases of PSVT Caused by Mahaim's Fiber coexisting with a Kent's Accessory Pathway in Tricuspid Annulus. J. Chin Cir 1993; 7(8):511.
  • Deng H, Lan ZQ, Wu N. The Treatment of PSVT by Radiofrequency Ablation in Patients with Pacemaker. J. Chin Cardiac dis 1993; 21(4): 237.
  • Deng H, Lan ZQ, Wu N. The Successful Ablation of one Case with Chronic Atrial Fibrillation and Rapid Conduction from Accessory Pathway in the Anterior Septum. J. Chin Intervention Cardiology 1993; 1(1): 37.
  • Deng H, Lan ZQ, Wu N. The Radiofrequency Ablation of Right Side Accessory Pathways. J. Chin Cardiac Dis 1994; 22(1): 17.
  • Wu N, Lan ZQ, Deng H. Slow Pathway Ablation in the Patients with AVNRT Using Radiofrequency Current. Chin J Med 1993;50(6): 421.
  • Lan DZ, Pullard A, Knisily A, Fast V: Optical mapping of arrhythmias induced by local perfusion of catecholamine. Cir Res (Submitted)
Book Publication
  • Lan ZQ: Current Trends in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease. The World Imported and Exported Book, Inc. Beijing, China, 1992.
  • Wu N., Lan ZQ, Deng H. Radiofrequency Ablation of AVNRT. PACE 1993; 16(7):1624.
  • Lan ZQ, Prior M. Wicker N. Satisfactory Defibrillation Thresholds for Non-thoracotomy & Totally Transvenous Implantable Cardioac Defibrillators. Chest 1994; 106(3): 74S
  • Lan DZ, Pullard A, Knisily A, Fast V: Optical mapping of arrhythmias induced by local perfusion of catecholamine. (AHA 2002)
  • Lan DZ, Sanchez J, Epstein A, Plumb V, Kay GN: The electrophysiologic characteristics of myocardial sleeve in the human superior vena cava. (NASPE 2003)

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