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Jiang Cui


Previous PositionElectrophysiologist, Cardiology, Inc. 5965 E Broad Street, Suite 202, Columbus, OH, 08/2010-present (Supervisor/CEO: Tyrus Frerking, D.O., Tel: 614-863-1692)
  • M.Sc. University of Utah, SLC, Utah, USA 09/1995-06/1998
  • M.D. Suzhou Medical College, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China 09/1990-07/1995
  • Fellowship, Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology, Baystate Medical Center/Tufts University School of Medicine, Springfield, MA, 07/2009-06/2010 (Program Director: James Cook, M.D. Tel: 413-794-8722/4490)
  • Fellowship, Cardiovascular Disease, Baystate Medical Center/Tufts University School of Medicine, Springfield, MA, 07/2006-06/2009 (Program Director: Mara Slawsky, M.D. Tel: 413-794-8722/4490)
  • Residency, Internal Medicine, UMass Memorial Medical Center, UMass Medical School, Worcester, MA, 07/2003-06/2006. (Program Director: Richard Forster, M.D. Tel: 508-856-6239)
  • Achieved level3 training in following areas through EP fellowship*: o Device implantation: including pacemakers, ICDs and CRT/CRT-D devices o Performance and interpretation of general noninvasive EP tests, as well as invasive comprehensive EP studies o RF catheter ablations: including SVTs, AFib/AFlutters, and VT ablations using both CARTO and EnSite systems
  • Board Ce1iified in Cardiology, Clinipal Cardiac Electrophysiology and Nuclear Cardiology
  • Achieved level 2 training in TTE, TEE, and Stress Testing.
Licensure and Certification
  • Massachusetts Full License:# 226996 (since 01/2006)
  • Ohio Full License:# 35_095520 (since 05/2010)
  • ABIM Board Ce1iification in Intemal Medicine (since 08/2006)
  • ABIM Board Ce1iification in Cardiovascular Disease (since 11/2009)
  • ABIM Board Ce1iification in Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology (since 11/2010)
  • American Board of Nuclear Cardiology (since 12/2008)
  • American College of Cardiology; Fellow (since 06/2013)
Honors and Awards
  • Ad hoc Reviewer, Journal o(National Cancer Institute 2001
  • Ad hoc Reviewer, British Journal of Cancer 2002
  • Outstanding Paper Award, 35th Conference of American Cytogenetics Association, Charleston, South Carolina, April, 1998
  • Academic Graduate Scholarship, University ofUtah School of Medicine, SLC, Utah, 1995-1998
  • Excellent Student Scholarships, Suzhou Medical College, Suzhou, China, 1990-1994 (seven consecutive semesters)
Professional Membership
  • Hemi Rhythm Society
  • America11 College of Cardiology
Additional Research
  • Clinical Research Associate Dept of Cardiology, LDS Hospital University of Utah, 2002-2003
  • Senior Research Specialist  Dept of Pediatrics and Human Genetics University of Utah, 1998-2002
Research Grant Co-Principle Investigator, "Analysis of hypermethylation of CpG islands on promoter region of tumor suppressor genes", $20,000, Seeding Grant, University of Utah School of Medicine, 2000-2001.
  • Book Chapter
    Brothman, A.R. and Cui, J. "Methylation in Gene Promoters: Assessment After Laser Capture Microdissection (LCM)" Methods in Enzymology Vol. 356:343-51 2002
Journal Articles
  • Lotti, A., Cui, J., Wmiak, S, Columbo, J., Schweiger, M., a11d Giugliano, G.R., "Influence of Low Dose Aspirin (81 mg) on the Incidence ofDefinite Stent Thrombosis in Patients Receiving Bare Metal a11d Drug Eluting Stents" Jotm1al of Interventional Cardiology (Submitted)
  • Goldberg, R.J., Cui, J., Olendzki, B., Spencer, F., Yarzebski, J., Lessard, D. and Gore, J. "Excess body weight, clinical profile, management practices, a11d hospital prognosis in men and women after acute myocardial infarction." American Hea1i Jotmlal151(6):1297-304 2006.
  • Brothman, A.R., Swanson, G., Maxwell, T.M., Cui, J., Murphy, K.J., Herrick, J., Speights, V.O., Isaac, J., Rohr, L.R. "Global hypomethylation is common in prostate cancer cells: a quantitative predictor for clinical outcome." Cancer Genet Cytogenet.156 (1):31-6 2005.
  • Cui, J., Rohr, L.R., Swanson, G., Speights, V.O., Maxwell, T. M. and Brothman A.R. "Hypennethylation of the Caveolin-1 gene promoter in prostate cancer" The Prostate 46(3): 249-56 2001
  • Dai, Q., Deubler, D.A., Maxwell, T. M., Zhu X.L., Cui, J., Rohr, L.R., Stephenson, R.A. and Brothman, A.R. "A common deletion at Chromosmnal region 17q21 in sporadic prostate tumors distal to BRCA1" Genomics 71(3): 324- 9 2001
  • Brotlnnan, A.R., Cui, J., Maxwell, T.M., Deubler, D. "Chromosomal clues to the development ofprostate tumors" The Prostate 38(4): 303-12 1999
  • Cui, J., Deubler, D., Rohr, R., Changus, J., Zlm, X.L., and Brothman, A.R. "Cln·omosome 7 abnonnalities detected by Dual-color FISH analysis" Cancer Genetics and Cytogenetics 107 (1):51-60 1998
Abstracts and Presentations
  • Cui, J. Lotfi, A. Wa1iak, S. et al. "Influence oflow dose (81 mg) Aspirin on the incidence of definite stent thrombosis in patients receiving bare metal and dmg eluting stents" 581h ACC Ammal Scientific Session, Orlando, March 2009
  • Yao, GH. Cui, J. Camarano, GP. et al. "Height is the preferred index for left atrial volume measurement in overweight and obese patients" AHA Scientific Session, New Orleans, November 2008
  • Cui, J. and Angelis, S. "A rare case of fungal endocarditis" Annual Scientific Meeting, American College ofPhysicians (ACP) Massachusetts Chapter, Waltham, MA, November 2004
  • Cui, J., Rom·, L.R., Swanson, G., Speights, V.O., Maxwell, T.M., and Brothman, A.R. "Caveolin-1 gene promoter methylation in prostate cancer" 50 1h Annual Meeting of the American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG), Philadelphia, October 2000
  • Cui, J., Deubler, D., Maxwell, T.M., Brothman, A.R. "Dual-color FISH analysis of cln·omosome 7 abnormalities in prostate cancer" 35th Bie1mial Conference of American Cytogenetics Association, Charleston, South Carolina, April1998

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